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Strategy isn't only for business. It's for you.

Most c-suite executives fail to articulate their business strategy. When you ask them, they'll tell you one or two things that relates to their specific department; but they'll have a totally different answer than their counterparts. They just don't know. 


Most times, it's because there isn't a clear strategy.


How much more for us as individuals? Do you know what your mission is? Do you know what your strategy to complete that mission is? I bet you don't. You might think you do, but when pressed on the matter, you'll crumble like most executives. 


The hard fact is, whatever you do in life, it requires a strategy. Although you might get lucky from time to time with the knowledge and skills you already have, most of us lead mediocre lives because we aren't strategic.


The Findlife perspective says, "a lack of strategy eats you for breakfast." So, what we do is bring personal strategy to you. We'll help you discover your life, work, or leadership trajectory. Your overall project. And we'll help you create a strategy so you can take concrete steps toward executing it and living a more purposeful life. 

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Here's a revised truth: most people don't take the serious parts of life seriously enough. That's why they don't know when to let personality come out.




Helping you discover your purpose is ours.

There's no question that living with purpose gives you the benefit of emotional satisfaction, feelings of well-being, and the desire to keep pressing on. But don't those reasons on their own merits still seem a bit underwhelming? As if it still misses the point?

It does.

If you say you live with purpose, that means you act with direction in mind. If you say you have a purpose, that's an entirely different matter!

The sad thing is, most people don't have a purpose; or even worse, they think they do when they don't. 

When we say we're purposeful, here's what we mean: we're in business to make a modest living helping people like you decide who they want to be, what they ought to do, how best to do it, and who to do it with. All of those things require choices, and all those choices require research, analysis, humility, truth-challenging, synthesizing, advice-taking, advice-throw-awaying, and more. 

All things most people don't do or aren't very good at doing. Yes, my friend, even you.

We happen to be experts at creating strategy. And we love challenging others to live strategically, because we know what it's meant in our own lives and many others. It's really the only real way to live!

So, our purpose is to show you how to be purposeful. That means strategy. That means decision. That means coaching. 

And we love it.



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