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Four Aspects of Career Development

One of the first questions someone asks you when you meet them is unsurprisingly: what do you do? Yet despite how much we're asked, most of us don't really know what we're doing and why.

There's nothing wrong with connecting on the basis of work. But to do it better, and many other things like make money, provide for family, pursue hobbies, or have fun with friends, you have to be strategic about your work. So, here's the four things we believe you got to be to develop your career:

BE STRATEGIC. It's all about seeing the big picture and crafting answers (as well as follow-up actions) to the "What Am I Here to Do" question. We'll leverage our 10,000 foot view of the working world to help you start from scratch or strategically build the career path you're already on.

BE COMPETITIVE. Make no mistake, even librarians need to set themselves apart. In this module, we'll show you how to do things like set strategic workplace goals, craft a personal brand, crush your performance reviews, get promoted, and give others chances to sing your praises. 

BE GREAT. Sometimes, you just need to get better at what you do. We've got tips and strategies on a range of industries and practices that will help you perform up-to-snuff, which takes more than just leveraging what's already "inside" you. We'll teach you better-than-exec communication, critical thinking above the standard, what innovation really means, how to build expertise, and more.

BE PREPARED. Get ready for your next career move or that rare moment that catches you off-guard. We'll show you how to really prepare for interviews, improve your story-telling, implement actionable promotion strategies, make great impressions, network like the pros, and more. We know how to command the boardroom, so we'll show you how, too.

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Four Aspects of Self-Direction

Life is tough, but it doesn't have to be as tough as we make it. The more strategic about our lives we are, the better prepared we'll be for the moments when it tries to knock us to the ground.

Even more, our hearts desire fulfillment. We want people, things, and places in our everyday lives that bring us joy. But when we fail to answer questions like "Who am I?" and "What's my real purpose in life?" we fail to shape the circumstances that ultimately bring those things and people into our lives. 

Here's how we believe you can live a fulfilling life:

BE YOUR BEST SELF. Those big questions like "Who am I?" are questions people re-visit because they never adequately answer them. We'll help you, and it involves character as much as personality. We'll help you identify your "dark side" and shape your weaknesses into core strengths. We'll help you recognize your values and find people and organizations to connect with that share them.

BE PURPOSEFUL. Learn how to make great decisions, doing the right blend of research and planning just like a business does. 99.9% of a decision is preparing to make it. We'll show you how to discover your purpose and do the things that live it out.

BE SUPPORTED. You need the right dose of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to follow through on the things you need to do. It's a fact. You and I need it. But those touchy-feely concepts need real substance and specifics. We'll show you what that means and how to get the right kinds.

BE CONNECTED. You and I need people in our lives. And we want them. Well, we'll show you our strategic sales model for dating and building long-lasting relationships, we'll show you how to shape your persona, and we'll show you how to find the best people to spend your time with and why. 





Learn and grow how you want. We've got options for everyone, because we want to live in a #coached world where people like you make great decisions every day. 

Start where you need help most right now. Our solutions allow you to dive deep into topics that span all areas of worklife, and leadership. We're a strategic "jack" of many trades, but also a master of all we do. 

And we're affordable because we love helping people like you. 


Five Attributes for Leading Others

We'll go right out and say it, we don't agree that "everyone's a leader." That philosophy is very, very wrong. Here's why.


First, the standard argument says that not everyone can become a leader because there'd be no one to follow if there were only leaders and there just wouldn't be enough opportunities available to turn all followers into leaders. 

But more compelling to us, we're sold on a much simpler argument: very few people right now are truly great leaders. We've all seen 'em, bad leaders are all around us. Most of them aren't bad people. They just don't get opportunities to shape what they need to shape.


That's because several of the bedrock leadership qualities we've been emphasizing in society completely miss the mark. Here are the attributes we believe you need to exhibit to be a great leader:

BE TRUSTWORTHY. No bones about it, you've got to be trustworthy to lead. And we've known this for awhile, but few people (and their thought leaders/coaches) know how to translate the idea of trustworthiness into actual actions. How do you build trust with others? We'll show you. 

BE WISE. Likewise, how do you teach someone to be wise? We don't even talk much about wisdom anymore. It's almost taboo. But you and I need it. It's perhaps the single greatest immeasurable factor that distinguishes great leaders from the rest. We'll show you how to reach for it. 

BE INSPIRATIONAL. It's true, great leaders inspire! But what does that really mean? Well, for starters, story-telling is compelling. If you can learn to share your story in a meaningful way, others will give you the chance to share theirs, too. And that's only the beginning of how to inspire. 

BE SMART. Tough to teach and equally tough to demonstrate without social consequences. Nevertheless, great leaders are smart. They know how to connect the dots, which most people struggle to do. We'll break that down, and you'll likely get smarter on L Street. 

BE TENACIOUS. Chase the bone. No matter what. It's what it takes to be successful. And if this isn't in your character, we'll show you how to build the kind of tenacity that goes after big deals, big relationships, and big goals.