A Brief Introduction

I never really enjoyed puzzles as a kid.

But now that I'm older, I've realized their proper place in my life. Sitting down, sipping a hot cocoa, and piecing together some boring, tedious picture never was quite my thing. But problem-solving was.

And I've solved some pretty big personal problems that would put most people under. I've been places most people wouldn't go. And I've done things most people wouldn't do. In a way, my life was a big, tedious puzzle.

And much like a puzzle, when you're done putting it together, you can finally see the big picture. And that's where I'm at in my own life.

Today, I'm launching the first, pilot phase of Findlife Coaching! Perhaps the result of the largest intellectual puzzle I've pieced together in my life so far, it's something I'm very proud of and excited to bring to all of you. It took years of time, analysis, thought, re-thought, and conversation. It took hard work. Really hard work. But finally, it's here. And I'm ready to bring what I know and what I've learned about life to you.

I encourage you to listen carefully to everything we put on our website and social media. Here's why: you stand to gain, not secrets or tips, but truth. Affordable truth that will change your life and your work. That's what we're all about. It's what my personal life has been all about. And it should be for yours, too.

We do lots of things here. And there's many reasons for this, but as you'll see most people need to get back to basics. In fact, most of them are never really taught us by the systems that rule over us and guide us. We complain about people around us who just don't do things "right" or make any sense. We see people and organizations taking advantage of us left and right, yet we have a hard time pinning down the root causes for the serious problems they pose to us. Furthermore, life is complicated. And it's getting more and more complicated. Hard to manage. Life feels uncertain, increasingly uncertain. And we don't like it.

But the fact is, there's a solution for that. While it's not simple in nature, it's simple in practice. Follow us, get coached by us, and make great decisions in your life that reflect what we say and do, and you'll end up just like me or better: looking back on your life and mistakes knowing that you fixed the ones you could fix, solved the problems you could solve, and changed the lives you could change.

So, thanks for tuning in! We have lots in store for you. I can't wait to share it all with you.


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