The most affordable coaching in America.

We believe everyone needs a coach. Even more, they need a coach they can trust and rely on for the right knowledge, advice, direction, and (of course) strategy. 

But at what cost? 

Our world is moving in an interesting direction. In our Millennial lifetime, we expect to see innovation on the level of improvement rather than never-before-seen creation; and in light of that, we expect to see cost for products and services go down.

What this means to you is, the most valuable things will either sky-rocket because we'll learn the power they have in our lives or they'll become commodities because so many people will be wanting to bring those things into our everyday lives. 

Getting ahead of the curve, Findlife Coaching marries that assumption with the idea that "if you need it, it should be cheap." So, we discovered a way to make enough money to bring you the best strategy and advice for the absolutely lowest price possible. 

It's really true. 

But the fact you can GET COACHED 3x for just $75 ($25/each session) doesn't make you buy (although, we think it should). 

What will actually make you buy is learning for yourself the power that coaching, Findlife Coaching that is, will have in your life and work. 

So, we encourage you to put monthly coaching in your life! Any subject matter. Doesn't matter to us. We'll help you with issues, prepare for milestones, and a whole lot more. 

Just click the button. It'll change your life.


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Go all-in for very little.

If you thought the first two plans were ridiculous (hopefully in a good way), then this one takes the cake. 

Rather than three 45-minute High-Impact sessions like in the GET COACHED plan, you get six of them with the IMMERSE YOURSELF plan. That means you'll pay $120 and get amazing coaching sessions for just $20 a pop!

And here's what matters most. 


If you're familiar with therapy, something that some coaches have disguised as coaching, you'll end up sharing and re-sharing your story and feelings over and over again. They rope you into plans, and you get stuck sharing rather than strategizing. 

When you get regular touch points with us, they're not touch points. We don't check in on you. We take you further, and when it's time to stop on a certain topic or issue we tell you. 

This is why all our plans are offered in 3-month intervals. One-and-done is a thing, but most people need more help and guidance than they realize. So, we require a reasonable commitment in exchange for the lowest cost coaching there is. 

It's a sweet deal for you, and it's our passion. Win, win. 

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