What plans do you offer?

We offer TWO affordable coaching plans: GET COACHED and IMMERSE YOURSELF. Giving you the best deal possible for High-Impact coaching. Check it out. It's your best value.

How do you keep track of used/un-used sessions?

Simple, let's thank Wix for creating a user-friendly platform for this. All the work is automated. But if you think we made a mistake, all you have to do is reach out to us. We're incredibly responsive.

How long is a plan commitment?

3-months. You can absolutely continue to renew, but we chose the 3-month interval because we feel that's the minimum amount of time it'll take to get through our "program" of learning on a subject. Subjects include: work, life, and leadership. Within those realms of thought and practice, we go deep and deeper yet to bring you specific strategies to handle specific issues and drive towards specific results. Literally, you won't be able to keep up with us.

How do I know what plan is for me?

If you have a specific circumstance or issue you need to address, it's possible a stand-alone session would be best for you. Visit our 1-ON-1 page for more details. Plans are great for people who want incredible value for their money and want to go deeper and more specific in key areas of their life and work. In the end, we believe everyone should get a plan. But some like to handle change in bite-size chunks, and we're fine with that, too.

How will I talk to my coach?

We'll call you. Pretty simple.

Do you cater to certain genders, race, or age groups?

We don't shy away from this question! We love it, because we love working with all kinds of people with all kinds of backgrounds. Tom's coached people from all walks of life, even people twice his age. What people find is that our philosophy and our ability to direct hearts and minds is more about the hearts and minds and less about the bodies they're in.


What happens in a session?

Visit our 1-ON-1 page to learn more. But basically, you share what’s going on in your life or work. We ask some questions. We share some thoughts. We help you find answers. And we help you make strategic decision. In the end, we’re here to help you figure out what you should do in any given context. Period.

Are sessions totally private?

Yes. What we discuss stays between us. No exceptions. And we do not sell your information to anyone. Ever.

Can I have someone like my spouse or business partner join the session?

Sure! Sometimes key decisions involve someone else. If your situation goes beyond just you, we say: “Why not!”

Why phone? Why not Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime?

Phone calls are simple, no distractions and less pressure. Right now, it's best for our business, and it's always a great way to encourage our coachees to get better at phone conversations. If you feel the need to see us, please get our COACH YOURSELF plan and watch our awesome videos.

How should I prepare for a session?

Know your situation. Figure out which of our 15 Purpose Areas fits your situation. Jot down a few main thoughts or questions, and be ready for an action-packed session! We keep things simple for a reason.

Do I need to sign a coaching contract?

Nope. Our policies as outlined on our website serve as the basis for this rather unnecessary step.

How many sessions will I need?

We have no idea! That’s why we built things the way we did. One of the many things that separate us from almost all other coaches is that our model accommodates situations that really only require one session. We take things one step at a time. But we also allow you the opportunity for deeper, more thorough coaching at ridiculously low prices when you sign up for one of our coaching plans.

Will you follow-up with me after a session?

Actually, no. This is another thing that separates us from other coaches. While we care so much about your success, we believe that the decisions you make and your results are entirely your responsibility. We keep a few basic notes for our records in case you do more sessions with us. But we expect you to have a pen and paper (or Apple Notes) on the ready during our sessions. To keep things affordable and to make you get the most from our sessions, what you need to do is for you to remember. So, we don’t do check-ins or email reminders of action items. If we follow-up with you on a session, it will be for a specific reason or circumstance.

Do you guarantee results from coaching?

None whatsoever. And we can’t emphasize this enough! Results are your responsibility. We’re just the experts who help you figure out what you should do and how you should do it. But recognizing that we require a little of your hard earned cash, we limit your risk to just a few bucks and a few minutes of your time. Rest easy, our passion is your potential.

Can I gift a session to someone?

We love this idea, but right now it’s not an option on our web platform. We recommend you work with that special someone to give them enough for a session on the side. Every session must be booked and paid-for by the person doing the session.

I've worked with coaches before, and they're no help. What makes you any different?

We've got a lot to say on the matter. But here's the core of the problem. Most coaches are counselor types who focus on encouraging and listening. While we do that, we care more about developing your life and work strategy as well as helping you decide how to execute on it. The difference between them and us is what ultimately led to huge stigmas in the coaching industry and poor results for you. Give us a try and find out for yourself what makes us truly different.

Are you a glorified counselor?

Absolutely not. Findlife Coaching stands in opposition to most methods and philosophies deployed by therapists and psychologists. Anyone working from these intellectual traditions fails to understand that helping others make great decisions rarely deals with things “inside” of us. Instead, we look “outside” and at real life situations and contexts. We care more about what you should do than where or who you’ve been.

Why not just ask my friends or family for advice?

The truth is, you can! Any coach who says you shouldn’t doesn’t get it. But, be aware that the people closest to you will rarely give you their “real” thoughts in fear of not ruffling the relationship. In addition, they haven’t taken the time like we have to develop a robust and coherent philosophy that will help you no matter the situation.

Do you hire coaches?

Not right now. But plans are in the works! If you believe in what we’re doing at Findlife Coaching and want to get involved in a bigger way, just send us a note!


How do I book T.C. to speak at my event?

Like everyone else, TC's got a busy schedule. But that doesn't keep him from looking for opportunities to change lives in-person. He'd love to hear what you're hoping to accomplish and how he could help. Send us a note.

How much are TC's speaking fees?

He's flexible. If you asked him directly he'd likely say this, "How much am I worth to you and your network?" If you can cover his travel or time, he ultimately cares about the people he's impacting. If you're raking in $100k+ per event, he'll expect some return on investment. If you're a small non-profit scraping by but need his perspective, he'll work with you. Be prepared, he doesn't beat around the bush with this one.

What kinds of topics does T.C. speak about?

TC's a work, life, and leadership strategist; which is pretty broad if you think about it. If you have a specific topic for your program, the value he will add is taking it, whatever it is, to a whole new level. That's what he does best. So, bottom line: you name it, he'll share a perspective that'll be worth it to everyone who attends.

Does T.C. have a book he's written that he could speak to?

Not yet. But he's got one on the way that's uniquely tied to what he does for a living. Stay tuned, written strategy is coming.


What's your refund policy?

We don’t do refunds. Except: if for some crazy, absurd reason we miss or cancel a session on you, we’ll either refund you if it's a stand-alone 1-ON-1 or work hard to accommodate a reschedule. We’ll never leave you hangin’.

Do you offer any discounts?

Other than our plans, nope. Our prices are the lowest in the entire industry. We make coaching affordable for everyone, and our model is simple. No discounts. It’s already worth way more to you than what you’re paying.

What is your responsibility to customers?

We believe our responsibility is to build your potential by showing you strategic ways to live your life, do your work, and grow as a leader. We help you prepare you to make the best decisions, ones you won't look back on wishing you'd have done differently.

Do you offer any guarantees?

None. We strongly believe your results are your responsibility. But that being said, we have the data and the experience to back up what we say we do. People love how we do what we do, and for good reason. We actually change their lives. So, you do the math.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a session, it must be done online through our portal at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. We will not refund or reschedule if you cancel within 24 hours of your schedule session. No exceptions. Don't make us keep your money, and don't lose out on a plan session!

What is your confidentiality policy?

We don't share your information with anyone. Period. We don't sell it. We don't talk about it. The fact is, you put your hope and trust in us. There's two ways to handle that well: 1) change your life, and 2) protect your privacy.

Is your website secure?

Yep! We use Wix as our service provider, plus a bunch of customizations that ensure your information is secure. We can't promise no one will try to hack us, but we have yet to experience and issues and we don't have any reason to expect anything different going forward. Wix is huge and trustworthy.

What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Terms of service: here. Privacy policy: here.

What is your standard Code of Conduct?

We reserve the right to terminate or cancel any purchased product or service if you act in ways that do not, but are not limited to: discrimination of community members, uploading of elicit material, craft responses that reflect a deep-seated malicious intent, and more. On the other side of things, we want people who are passionate about growing, maturing, learning, changing, and shaping themselves and the world around them for the better. If that's your intent, you're probably doing just fine.

What kind of payment types do you accept?

Right now, major credit cards. And also, for now, we don't pass the fees on to you! Enjoy that extra perk. It's possible down the road we'll offer more options, but we find this works for the vast majority of folks. So, we'll keep doing it.