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your first session.



If you don't think it's for you, you're both right and wrong.

Coaching is one of those things where most people don't think it's for them until they have their first session. That's when the ah-ha moment happens, people get hooked. 

But the goal isn't to get you "hooked" or roped into coaching. The goal is to inspire you to work better, live better, and lead better. We know you're not perfect at it, neither are we, but we've got the kind of perspective, experience, and knowledge to take you further than you otherwise would. And there's no way to prove that to you until you set up a time and have the first call. 

When you do though, no matter who you are, what you do, how well you think you do it, or how much money you have, we will transform you in meaningful ways. The proof is in the pudding. 

A great place to start is not with a 15-minute get-to-know-you session. That's not important. Instead, we offer several types of sessions, all of which get right to the point. All our sessions allow you time to cover details, share perspectives, identify root issues, and start charting a course. 

But to know how it can really shape your life in ways you wouldn't on your own, get on our calendar and get some FREE direction to test us out.

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be strategic with your personality


Those aren't just words.

Our standard is higher.


When Tom studied Wellness at Cornell University, he learned that most coaches and counselors think it takes 2-3 sessions to get to the root of someone's problem or issue. 2-3 sessions! Hundreds of dollars. 

He couldn't believe it! Just to know what someone's talking about. 

So, he wondered, "What would I expect from a coach?" 

30 minutes tops. 

And that's now what he does. He gets to the heart of someone's issue in less than 30 minutes. It's not a guarantee, it's just a pattern. And we like patterns like that. 

One of his coachees said, "It took you, Tom, 45 minutes what it took another coach 3-months to do for me earlier this year!" 


That being said, our High-Impact Session is the Findlife Coaching standard, and you can expect to know your issue is heard, understood, and ready for action. Our goal is to provide you with something you didn't know, didn't realize, or couldn't otherwise do by the time our session is over. Even the first one!

That's high-impact. That's what we do.



Your first session's on us. What have you got to lose?